Vedant Institute of Education and Technology

Recognised by: NCTE Bhubaneshwar Affiliated by: B.R.A.B.U, MUZAFFARPUR

The institution Vedant Institute of Education & Technology is a new born child of our trust Vedandt Social welfare and Educatinoal . A trust interested to build proffesionals in diffrent horizons. Vaishali is a land of education , peace , teaching and harmony. It has glorious history. It is the first democarcy of the world and birth place of lord mahaveera and work place of lord buddha . Lalganj is a small township visibly seems to be capital of vaishali. This area is green courtyard of nature so we Hve decided to start a B.Ed./ D.El.Ed. college in this locality.
        Education is a tool for social transformation and economic devlopent. Every Successful person must have a teacher in success of their life. In Bihatr the number of trained teachers are meager. So, teacher’s training colleges are need of the hour.
        I wish the support and blessings of peaceful laborious and intelligent peoples of particulary of Vaishali district and Bihar as a whole. Your coperation will certenly in courage us to impart you a better enviroment and our every effort will be only successful through people cooperation and we will exert our best efforts to produce better teachers for future students.

Our mission is to create technically qualified world class competent teachers imbibed with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship in a copetitive globle enviroment. To this end, managment and faculty commit them selves to the persuit of excellence in education and social skills and inculcating values that define professinoal conduct.
The way to build a better nation is to build better individuals. To make VIET the first choice of students and staff by imparting excellent education of encouraging sports and cultral activites. To provide an enviroment conductive for the disciplined and intergrated devlpoment of students and staff so that they can give thier best to the society.
To stimulate in the students a sprit of enquiry and desire to gain knowledge and skills that enrich their lives in future. To intract and work closely with other institutions having similar goals. To work symbiosis of Science,nature and spiritulaty. To maken the campus a fully residential one. Where all students and staff live in peace and work in harmony irrespective of caste, region languageand religion.








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